omg- AGAIN?!, Addy, if you believe this Rumor of BS, then this time im calling the Kettle Black. You have an issssue, w/ Breasts & Vajj. This is the 2nd time recently youve written WWll level of propaganda abt Women. Are youuu the paid schill$$??. Because women Bashing is Holly Satans small penis idea!!.Smashing Women is the next step in the NWO plann?!! Ill tell you what, im calling you sexist at this point, & ill stop promoting your stuff, since, im old, & im not a 'worker' like the Quran states.Adam Adds,, stop living in your cave & Wake up!

I should write a piece, & its been a real phycological study & human profile decades ago.That ' Women'have had to out live thousands of Years of male bashing & lies!!! thousands!! and they either give up or get tough.Becauuuuse of ADAM, & alllllll the other small penises after him.

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'the Middle Eastern-owned media...' ;-))

beware of logic - where you say: '....this explains why women’s earnings “decrease” as they age. It’s because they are not working as many hours as when they were not mothers....' << partly true, but not all women are mothers (by which the statement implodes). what factor(s) would explain the apparent correlation between getting older/working less hours? perhaps, or probably children/child rearing, but that is not valid for the category women who do not have children. and if anything, divorced women with children and depending on economics might even have to work more. in short: more gender-specific research migt be needed.

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