CirstenW was a friend of mine. We weren’t that close but we are the same age. With her health routine there’s no way this bug could have taken her down. @scottMcKay go get the bastards that did this. My heart for you Andy. Good Bless and carry on her fight.

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Completely devastated!!! Listening to CirstenW for years now & my mornings will never be the same!!! It infuriates me on the total BULLSH💩IT being spread around social media sites of the insane lies about her! 😡

Then, listening to Nino report "they' LOST her body...!??!?!?? THAT better NOT be true!

PLEASE Addy, get to the bottom of this, for Cirsten...

She loved YOU!

Thank you for doing this investigation!

We all need to know, I guess it's called closure...

Be safe!





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Saddened to hear this about beloved CirstenW!

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Addy hoping you can get some answers

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